Mashhad RFE

Event Date: Friday 10/06/2022Event Time: 16:00z – 19:00zEvent Type: Real Flight Event.Event Airports: Mashhad Airport ( OIMM ).

Persian Gulf National Day

Event Date: Friday 29/April/2022Event Time: 16:00z – 19:00zEvent Type: Tripod Airbridge.Event Airports: Kish Airport ( OIBK ), Bandar Abbas Airport  ( OIKB ),  Bushehr Airport ( OIBB ).

Hello Georgia Airbridge

24 January 2020 – 14:00-17:00 UTC – The whole FIR OIFM – UGTB / UGTB – OIFM IFR Airbridge PILOTS ATTENTION! Pilots should choose their Departure Airport between OIFM or UGTB Flight Routes are: OIFM to UGTB: DAPOG R659 VAVIN UT211 RUS B121 RST G670 LALDA N60 NASIL N319 ADEKI R315 LAMUS UGTB to OIFM: TAVRO M54 ADILA N82 ADANO N77 MAGRI B121 RUS G667…

Military Logistics (SO)

31 March 10:30z – In an effort by Iranian army to provide medical care and supplies to far reached and poor parts of the country a mission has been approved by the army high command to establish a field hospital in the Beris village east of Chabahar city in Sistan and Baluchestan Province.