Guest Controller Approval

IVAO Iran has implemented the Guest Control Approval (GCA) program for all our ATC positions regulated by FRA (Facility Rating Assignment). Please read the following page carefully to better understand the program and how it will impact our operations. If you need more information, feel free to contact the IVAO Iran Training Department (

What is the GCA program?

GCA program was created by IVAO Training Department to improve the ATC quality provided in all participating active divisions. It concerns foreign divisions’ controllers who are interested in controlling in Iran. From now on, any member of other divisions will not be allowed to control in Iran on FRA restricted positions unless they receive approval from the IVAO Iran Training Department or Iran Division HQ. Restricted positions for Iran can be found here. All control centers are restricted, as well as major terminal units and control towers.

GCA Requirements

  • GCA Applicant will be shown in the member’s profile. It is shown by division, however if Division HQ allows controlling only on certain FRA positions, the member has to adhere to such restrictions.
  • Your GCA will be valid for a certain controller position (as per your ATC rating). For example, Iran Training Dep may decide to permit you to control OIII_APP only. You may request a new position and the IVAO Iran Training Department will consider it.
  • The behaviour of the member, especially in respect to other members, must be in accordance with IVAO and Division spirit.
  • The GCA can be withdrawn at any time by Division Training Department / HeadQuarter if the requirements are not met anymore or in any other condition.
  • GCA Applicant must understand and comply with the local procedure of Iran Division.
  • GCA Applicant shall control just in control unit which specified by the Iran Training Department.
  • GCA Applicant shall be able to perform ATC duties in English language.
  • GCA Applicant must have the documents needed (chart).
  • If you have got the IVAO Iran GCA, you have to connect to the approved position(s) at least once in a 2 month period.

Any foreign ATC controlling in Iran on a FRA restriction position without approval may be disconnected from his/her position. Any approval can be revoked by Iran Training Department or Division HQ at any time if it is judged that the member no longer fulfill the requirements.

you must have at least ADC rating for application.