A Virtual Airline (VA) is a dedicated organisation that uses Flight Simulator to model the operations of an airline. These may be mimics of real world airlines or make believe. They aim to provide a realistic aviation experience to flight simulator enthusiasts. There are a large number of VA’s around the world consisting of thousands of members from different countries.

Here in Iran Division, we are pleased to support the following IR based VA’s (Alphabetically ordered):

Iran Air Virtual Airlines

Iran Air Virtual Airline with the aim of simulating the Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines (Homa) in the flight simulator software has been formed. its main purpose is carrying out activities related to the virtual world flight. All rights for the brand name and logo are owned by its parent company (Iranair) with following address www.iranair.com is Use them only for virtualization of the company and its flights in the virtual world and microsoft flight simulator software. We are trying to provide a professional environment for enthusiasts of Iran Air in the flight simulator.

Iran Air Virtual Website

My Airlines

Their mission is to give their pilots the ultimate freedom to build their own personal fleet using the money they make by flying in MY Airlines. Pilot salary is 100% of flight profit. Everything you earn in My Airlines belongs to you.

My Airlines Website

Pars Airways

Pars Airways Virtual Airlines started its activity in 2012 using VAFS then changed their client to FSAirlines in 2014. Since back then, they have been using FSairline as their official client to record their flights. Pars Cargo has founded in 2015 to be the first Iranian Cargo airline by the aim of giving Cargo services worldwide. Pars Airline is a fully independent airline without imitating any of the airlines nether in real world nor virtual. They have over 1500 active routes from two bases: IKA (Iran) and FRA (Germany). It’s important to note that, all their routes are designed by their great staff team based on their own made codding system. All the flight numbers are designed in a way that they can monitor pilots on webeye easily. They must mention that their flights are flown in IVAO. Simply put, the mission of the airline is the association lovers of aviation to fly in the PARS AIRWAYS and CARGO Airlines.

Pars Airways Website

Persian Virtual Airlines

Persian Virtual Airlines Website

Qeshm Virtual Airlines

Qeshm Virtual Airlines started its virtual voyage on July 12, 2015, initially it was not a comprehensive program for the development of the company, but over time, a definite program for the development of fleets and flying sticks Was taken. Qeshm Virtual Airlines , in addition to completing and covering Qeshm regional and international flights using the advanced fleet, is proud to serve the clay . The biggest priority of this set is to provide a friendly and safe environment for learning the principles of flight and also virtual flights, which has made a lot of progress in recent years.

Qeshm Virtual Airlines Website

Iran Airtour Virtual Airlines

Iran Airtour Virtual, as a second Iranian registered VA in IVAO Network, tries to not only stay connected with all the Flight Simulation enthusiasts, no matter what their nationalities are, but also to transfer knowledge and cooperate with each other in different fields including training sessions, taking exam and improving flight qualities. In this regard, Iran Airtour Virtual had accepted different members from different nationalities, Iraqi, Brazillian, etc. and now eagerly looking forward for registering members from around the world. 
Iran Airtour Virtual, sincere and determined!

Iran Airtour Virtual Airlines Website

If your virtual airline is looking for a stable network, a realistic environment, as well as professional ATC service, IVAO Iran is the best solution.

You can register your virtual airline in 3 easy steps:

  1. Read the rules pertaining to virtual airlines on the IVAO Headquarters website
  2. At the bottom of the HQ page, click NEXT to access the Virtual Airline registration form.
  3. Contact a member of IVAO Iran Staff to discuss your airline’s activities and ATC needs.

IVAO Iran will be happy to work with you to provide the most realistic online flying environment to your members.

If you would like your virtual airline added to this page, please contact a member of staff.