Military Logistics (SO)

31 March 10:30z – In an effort by Iranian army to provide medical care and supplies to far reached and poor parts of the country a mission has been approved by the army high command to establish a field hospital in the Beris village east of Chabahar city in Sistan and Baluchestan Province.

Emergency Evacuation – SOD Event

24 March 10:30 Z – The South Pars/North Dome field is a natural-gas condensate field located in the Persian Gulf. It is by far the world’s largest natural gas field, with ownership of the field shared between Iran and Qatar. Biggest danger in these kinds of facilities is fire, therefore there are strict protocols in effect to prevent dangerous situations and to insure crew safety.…

Destination Dubai 4.0

Destination Dubai 4.0Saturday, February 23rd starting from 1200z to 1900zEvent powered by: IVAO XG/IN/CZ/UA/RO/EG/ES/DZ/XR/IR/XM/XU/HU/AO/PL/IT/TR/TN/NL/SA/ID/MY/PT and supported by IVAO HQ

Mehrabad TMA Semi-event

08 Feb 16z – Mehrabad TMA: Dear Members, Recently, we have encountered with lack of traffics in our ADC exams. This situation forced us to make a semi-event in Mehrabad TMA. As you may know, Alireza Ahmadzadeh and Saeed Tabatabaei will have their ADC exams on 8 Feb. 2019 at 16:00z (19:30 IRST). We will issue “ATC Training Assistant” award to any participant who make…

[HQ+XG+IR] IVAO 20th Anniversary Airbridge: OMDB <> OIIE

IVAO’s 20th Anniversary Festivities Dear fellow IVAO members,20 years have passed since IVAO was founded! ALL DIVISIONS are celebrating this using a series of air-bridge events.We are delighted to invite you to our division’s participation in this series: Dubai International Airport OMDBTehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) OIIEEvent Time: 15z-20zEvent Date: 08.11.2018 Dubai International Airport Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) To book your positions, click here.…