Voice ATIS Update

We want to offer you an update on our seemingly popular Voice ATIS. The project is about to enter its final testing stage before public release, and we hope to have it with you before the end of the month. We are sorry for the delay!

Today is World Server Day!

At 1500z (30/04/2022) the SHARD servers will be removed from the server list so you will not be able to connect to them. If you’re already connected then you’ll be able to finish your flight, that’s fine! The Webeye (https://webeye.ivao.aero/) will remain live with SHARD connections and then will be switched at 1500 to show World Server traffic ONLY. As people will slowly disconnect from…

Changed Social Media Links

According to IVAO’s branding strategies, IVAO Iran has changed its social medias’ URLs and account names. As of this change, the account name of our official social media accounts is “IVAO Iran” with the URL of “ivaoir”. Here will be our official pages: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ivaoirFacebook: https://facebook.com/ivaoirInstagram: https://instagram.com/ivaoir

Time to talk…

Revealing Voice 2.0, we are announcing a new project consisting of three phases. Each phase will include another significant update for Aurora and or Altitude to ensure you experience an even more realistic feeling and a seamless integration. As the name might already suggest, all three innovations will have something to do with voice. They will allow you to dive even deeper into the world…

New MTL released

Multiplayer Traffic Library, MTL for short, is an AI traffic library for users on IVAO to see each other while flying. MTL Library is maintained by IVAO DevOps MTL Team with help of various painters and Model Authors. Today we are delightful to announce that IVAO has released new MTL which you can download at https://mtl.ivao.aero.

Sector files update

The IvAc sector file of the Tehran FIR has been updated according to the AIRAC Cycle 2004. You can download this sector file by heading here. Note that this sector file is a “.sct” file compatible with IvAc software only. If you are using the newer, still Beta, Aurora software, you can easily download the most recent sector file, which is 2004 at the time…

New Staff Appointment – IR-TA2

Congratulations to Parham Ziaee as our new Training Advisor! He will help us with training and exams for members! @IR-TA2 | Parham Ziaei Congratulations Parham! https://www.ivao.aero/staff/details.asp?Id=IR-TA2

RIP Mohsen

Unfortunately we’ve been notified that one of our old members who was our former IR-MC, IR-TA6 and OIIX-CH years ago, Captain Mohsen Vafayi Nejad (180811), has been passed away following a heart attack. RIP Mohsen … IVAO Iran Staff Team