Hello Georgia Airbridge

24 January 2020 – 14:00-17:00 UTC – The whole FIR OIFM – UGTB / UGTB – OIFM IFR Airbridge * Only acceptable when filed within 24 hours after the event

International ATC DAY Event

20 October 2019 – 15:00-19:00 UTC – The whole FIR Five online TMA Coverage of OIII, OIMM, OIFM, OISS, OIKB and some other Airports like OITT, OIKK, OIBB, OIZC. Choose your flights between the airports which have online control service within IR-FIR while the flight time be more than 1 hour, to celebrate this day together. Event Type: IFR – VFREvent Airports: Mehrabad – Tehran (OIII)…