Dear Members,
Iran Training Department is looking for 2 Training advisors to fulfill its need for the training department.

Training Advisor / IR-TAx

Training Advisors evaluate exams/checkouts/training/GCAs in our country. They also help out to TC/TAC for realizing/implementing projects.


  • Hold at least an ADC Rating, and least PP, higher pilot and ATC Rating is an asset
  • The capability of writing and speaking in an advanced English/Persian level, other languages are not mandatory either asset but a positive thing
  • Have enough free time (5-6 hrs per week)
  • Advanced, perfect theoretical knowledge up to your rating (it may be checked during the interview)
  • Outstanding knowledge about airport’s procedure
  • Minimum 16 years old
  • Having the capability to work in a team
  • Clean suspension history for the last 1 year

If you’d like to be the part of this great team this is your opportunity! We’re waiting for applications with a full motivation letter included your IVAO history/carrier, age and anything you feel to add. Send your application with a subject of TRAINING ADVISOR – VID to

All applicants who get through the pre-scanning will have an interview with IR Training Department and after that, we will decide about the number of positions nominated.

Deadline for sending application: 15 May 2019 – 2359z

Best Regards,