08 Feb 16z – Mehrabad TMA:

Dear Members,

Recently, we have encountered with lack of traffics in our ADC exams. This situation forced us to make a semi-event in Mehrabad TMA.

As you may know, Alireza Ahmadzadeh and Saeed Tabatabaei will have their ADC exams on 8 Feb. 2019 at 16:00z (19:30 IRST). We will issue “ATC Training Assistant” award to any participant who make a flight from OIII to OIIE and vice versa during exam sessions (2 legs). This would help both examinees to have experience of dense time in both airports. Iran division will try hard to make full ATC coverage for this day.

Conditions to be awarded:

  1. One flight from OIIE to OIII
  2. One flight from OIII to OIIE
  3. Minimum Online time is 60 minutes
  4. Fully in coordination with examiners

Please also note that there will be an APC exam at 17:30z (21 IRST) in Dubai Intl. Airport (OMDB); some pilots might consider to make an airbridge from IKA Intl. Airport (OIIE) to Dubai Intl. Airport (OMDB).

Please reserve this date on your calendar and help our dear members in all 3 airports to get their ADC rating in one night.

Best Regards,
Iran Training Department