Destination Iran

Saturday, 27 March 2021, 14z – 21z. This year we in Iranian division along side our friends in Austrian, Hellenic, Eastern Europe and Northern Asia, and Middle East Region Division have decided to throw the biggest event the Iranian Division has seen to date, to celebrate this happening.

Sector files update

The IvAc sector file of the Tehran FIR has been updated according to the AIRAC Cycle 2004. You can download this sector file by heading here. Note that this sector file is a “.sct” file compatible with IvAc software only. If you are using the newer, still Beta, Aurora software, you can easily download the most recent sector file, which is 2004 at the time…

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International ATC DAY Event

20 October 2019 – 15:00-19:00 UTC – The whole FIR Five online TMA Coverage of OIII, OIMM, OIFM, OISS, OIKB and some other Airports like OITT, OIKK, OIBB, OIZC. Choose your flights between the airports which have online control service within IR-FIR while the flight time be more than 1 hour, to celebrate this day together. Event Type: IFR – VFREvent Airports: Mehrabad – Tehran (OIII)…