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2018-11-23 IVAO 20th Anniversary Event

2018-11-03 IVAO 20th Anniversary Event

2018-08-29 Tehran Little RFE 2018

2017-05-28 Ramadan 2017 Tour

IVAO Iran and Iran Air Virtual Airlines proudly present the 2017th Ramadan IFR Tour. You can grab more information about this special event here, and report your flights here.

2017-04-09 Iran Air Virtual Airlines

We are pleased to announce that the Iran Air Virtual Airlines is now registered as an Iran Division VA in IVAO Network among the two others, My Airlines and Spadana VA. Iran Air Virtual Airline with the aim of simulating the Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines (Homa) in the flight simulator software has been formed. its main purpose is carrying out activities related to the virtual world flight. All rights for the brand name and logo are owned by its parent company ( Iranair ) with following address is Use them only for virtualization of the company and its flights in the virtual world and microsoft flight simulator software. We are trying to provide a professional environment for enthusiasts of Iran Air in the flight simulator.

2017-01-31 RFE Tehran - Iran National Day

2016-10-14 Continental Online Day

Dear IVAO Members,

The IVAO Events Department is proud to present a new project with the aim of improving the appeal and participation from all the users around the world to the online days.

For this reason, we are merging the Divisional Online Days into Continental Online days starting from Saturday, October 1st 2016.

For a period of 3 months (until the end of the year) we will have a trial period to monitor this project and, after an internal survey, we will decide if whether it's worth continuing with the new system or it's better to revert to the old one.

During this trial period, the Divisional Online Days will be momentarily suspended and the Asia and Middle East Online Day will be on every Friday.

2016-06-07 Ramadan IFR Tour 2016

Hello dear friends! 
To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and enjoy all the moments in this month, Iran Division invites you to participate in Ramadan Domestic IFR Tour 2016! 
In this tour, we will fly to the Iran’s border cities to enjoy the different weather and beautiful geography of these areas! 
So, join us!  

Thanks to Mr. Abbas Ataei (448528) to design the tour.


About holy month of Ramadan: 

It is considered the most venerated and blessed month of the Islamic year. The most prominent activity of this month is the daylight fasting. During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink and other physical needs during the daylight hours. 
Every day during the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world get up before dawn to eat sehri and perform their prayers. 
When Muslims hear “the call to the prayer” in the evening, they break their fasts. 
In this holy month, People refrain from lying, stating, anger, jealousy, greed, lust, backbiting, framing and gossip. The purpose of fasting is the soul and wipe out the sins of the heart.

Download the PDF file HERE

2016-05-03 Spadana Virtual Airways

Spadana Virtual Airways, as a Second Iranian Registered VA in IVAO Network, tries to not only stay connected with all the Flight Simulation enthusiasts, no matter what their nationalities are, but also to transfer knowledge and cooperate with each other in different fields including training sessions, taking exam and improving flight qualities. In this regard, Spadana Virtual Airways had accepted different members from different nationalities, Iraqi, Brazillian, etc. and now eagerly looking forward for registering members from around the world.

Spadana Virtual Airways, Sincere and Determined!


2016-03-29 Sochi-Tehran Airbridge Event Timelapse

2016-01-31 Training Videos

We are happy to announce that Mr. Abbas Ataei has produced total of 5 training videos for IVAO Iran to tell our beloved newcommers how to get started on IVAO, download and use the related programs. You just need to head to our Training section to find these precious videos.

2016-01-13 IVAO Iran 2016 Tours

IVAO Iran Events Department has released the 2016 tours. You can learn more about the details and rules of each tour here. We wish that you enjoy these tours.

Note that the due date of our 2015 tours is February 29, 2016.

2016-01-11 Indio-Persian Xpress 2015 Aerosoft Prizes

Hello dear members,

IVAO Iran and IVAO India held the Indio-Persian Xpress Event on December 27, 2015 and as it was announced before, the Aerosoft company has managed to gift one of their products to 3 participants.

In this great event we had 33 flight reports and we had 11 controllers controlling different positions at departure and destination airports and enroute; so we decided to gift 2 pilots and 1 controller. After the draw, these 3 members won an Aerosoft product:

Among pilots:


Among controllers:

  • Charan Patnaik 446348

In this video you can learn more about the drawing process:

2015-12-15 Indio-Persian Xpress 2015 ATC Booking

2015-12-10 Crowded Skies 12 ATC Briefing

ATC Operations Department announces that we will have a briefing session for all of the members who want to participate in the Crowded Skies 12 Event as a controller on December 12 at 20:30 Local time in IVAO Iran TS3 server.

2015-12-05 IVAO Crowded Skies 2015

IVAO presents its premier event “Crowded Skies XII” on December 12, 2015. This record breaking unique event sets the entire IVAO skies alive and active. This all-day event involves dozens of countries worldwide providing extensive ATC coverage for literally thousands of online flights.

We are delighted that our sponsor Aerosoft will again be donating one euro for each simultaneous connection made to our network during the peak hour to charity.

Last year we set a new record of 2,530 simultaneous connections and we hope you will help us beat this target again!

To commemorate this occasion, all participants will be issued an HQ award. The award will be automatically granted to the participating members after the event (this process might take a few weeks).
Requirements to get the award:
  • Be online at least 20 minutes before and after the event on IvAc or IvAp (peak hour is at 19:00 UTC) which means you have to be connected between 18:40 and 19:20 UTC
  • For pilots two hours minimum of flying and for ATC one hour minimum of ATC
  • Staff members online as staff cannot get the award


IVAO Iran has decided to suggest a route for Iranian pilots to fly in, so that they can enjoy full ATC coverage in their departure, destination and enroute. We suggest our members to fly between Tabriz (OITT) and Kish Island (OIBK) International Airports by the following routes:


We will guarantee ATC coverage between 17:30 and 20:30 UTC. Do not forget that you have to be online between 18:40 and 19:20 UTC to get the award by the IVAO HQ.

2015-11-20 ADC Exam | November 21

Dear IVAO Iran members, the Iran division will host Abbas Ataei's ADC Exam on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 20:00 local (16:30 UTC) at IKA (OIIE). So, any Inbound or Outbound IFR or VFR traffics to / from IKA are welcomed during this exam. Looking for all of you to come and fly in/out IKA to help Abbas get his First Golden Star.

Pack your charts for this exam to help him get his ADC rating easier. If you miss any resource, such as charts or sceneries, easily head to our Download Center or just use our Telegram bot and you'll find your needs there.

2015-11-07 New OIIX sector file for IvAc

We've released a new IvAc sector file for the OIIX FIR which is based on the AIRAC cycle 1508. This sector file is made by Roozbeh Razavi and Aryan Amoli with the following details:

  • AIRPORTS, VOR, NDB, FIXES, LOW AIRWAYS, HIGH AIRWAYS created by Roozbeh Razavi (279254) based on AIRAC 1508 released on 16 August 2015
  • RUNWAY, ARTCC, ARTCC LOW, ARTCC HIGH, SID, STAR, GEO created by Aryan Amoli (228344) based on AIRAC 1212

You can download this file from our resources center

2015-09-13 APC Exam | September 15

Dear IVAO Iran members, the Iran division will host Sajjad Seifpoor's APC Exam on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 20:30 local (16:00 UTC) at Tehran TMA Radar (OIII_APP). So, any Inbound or Outbound IFR traffics to / from Mehrabad / IKA are welcomed during this exam. Looking for all of you to come and fly in/out Tehran to help Sajjad get his Second Golden Star.

Pack your charts for this exam to help him get his APC rating easier. If you miss any resource, such as charts or sceneries, easily head to our Download Center or just use our Telegram bot and you'll find your needs there.

2015-08-31 Mashhad RFE | Sep 3

2015-08-12 IVAO Iran Telegram Bot

@ivaoiranbot on telegramWe have made a telegram bot to be more connected with our beloved members. We will send you the most recent news and announcements of IVAO Iran from this bot. To subscribe to our list, send "/start" to @ivaoiranbot on telegram. Have fun :)

-- NEW FEATURE: Now you can request charts from our Telegram bot!


2015-08-12 Latest Website Revisions

2015-07-27 Division Staff Changes

By the IVAO Iran's Headquarter decision, we have the following changes in our staff team:

Position Changes:

  • Roozbeh Razavi from Events Coordinator has been reassigned to ATC Operations Coordinator;
  • Amir Hossein Bahrami from Events Assistant Coordinator has been upgraded to Events Coordinator.


IVAO Iran Director and Assistant Director

2015-07-21 ADC Training Session

IVAO Iran is going to have an ADC Training Session on Saturday July 25 at 16:00 UTC at IKA Intl. (OIIE). Please come and fly IFR/VFR, departure/arrival, to/from IKA to help Abbas Ataei to be trained for his ADC exam.

2015-07-17 Ramadan Tour Due Date

IVAO Iran Events Department announces that the expirarion date of the IRLHT15 is July 31 and it will not be extended.

2015-06-30 IR655 Memorial Event

2015-06-17 Happy Ramadan 2015

IVAO Iran and My Airlines VA Events Departments have designed a special tour for the 2015 Ramadan Holy Month. In this Long Haul tour you'll fly in 10 legs to destinations in Asia, Europe and Africa. We hope you happy flights :)

More info

2015-05-28 Change of rules regarding Virtual Airline registration in Iranian Division

The IVAO Iran HQ has decided to omit the rule of having the approval from the real counterpart of airlines to register virtual airlines. VA's CEO can contact the division HQ and the IR HQ will interview them and will introduce them to the IVAO Flight Operations Department to register their Virtual Airline.

2015-04-30 Persian Gulf National Day Event ATC Schedule

Good Morning,

Here, you can find the tentative ATC schedule for this event. The briefing session will start at 7:30 pm local (15z) sharp! 
Please be on time so that we can have all positions online before 8 pm local.

2015-04-24 Persian Gulf National Day

As a yearly routine we have a special "Persian Gulf National Day Event" on April 30. IVAO Iran has decided to have this event this year, too. Please click on the PGND15 logo in the sidebar for more information.

2015-04-18 Upcoming Trainings/Exams

[UPDATED April 12]

Type Name Rating Position Date Time
Exam Ali Hooshmand ADC OIII_TWR Sunday, February 22, 2015 18:00 UTC (21:30 Local)
Training Saba Hassani APC OIMM_APP Thursday, March 5, 2015 17:00 UTC (20:30 Local)
Exam Saba Hassani APC OIMM_APP Saturday, March 7, 2015 16:30 UTC (20:00 Local)
Exam Sepehr Ebadi Borna SEC Mehrabad TMA Saturday, March 14, 2015 18:00 UTC (21:30 Local)
Exam AmirHossein Mohiti ADC OIII_TWR Thursday, April 15, 2015 16:30 UTC (21:00 Local)


Resources: IVAO Iran Download Center

2015-04-04 Awarding Policies of 2015 Tours

The IVAO Iran HQ has decided to give the "Great Division User" Award to those pilots who have completed a total of 1 VFR + 1 IFR + 1 Special Operation tour during the year of 2015.


Our divisional website is now reachable from, too. Maybe with a shorter one in the future :)

2015-03-25 IranAir real schedule tour expiration date

The IranAir Real Schedule Tour will be closed on April 4, 2015 and no new flight report will be recorded after this date. Yours, IVAO Iran Events Department

2015-03-19 Happy Nowrouz


IVAO Iran has provided some special appointments for the New Iranian Year of 1394 which you can find its schedule here.

2015-02-09 IVAO Iran Group of Supporters Project

[UPDATED ON FEB 09, 2015]

IVAO Iran has established a group to support the newbies and newcomers to the IVAO Community. The purpose of this group is to help the new members in getting familiar with the IVAO network and community and how to use it, and to help all members in their Flight Simmulator experience in other related stuff. The first group is called "Supporter Group Alpha" with the following members:

  • Sajjad Seifpoor (The leader of the group) (VID: 408256)
  • Abbas Ataei (VID: 448528)

You can get in touch with this group by mailing them at

2015-02-07 Mashhad Intl. IFR Tour 2015

The IVAO Iran Events Department proudly announces the release of "Mashhad Intl. IFR Tour 2015". You can see the full details by clicking on the cover photo below.

MSD15 Tour

2015-02-06 Shiraz - Isfahan Airbridge Event Briefing Video

As you know we have an airbridge event today between Shiraz (OISS) and Isfahan (OIFM). We've made a briefing video for this event which you can watch it here.

2014-12-06 CSXI - Tehran-Damascus Air Bridge

Tehran-Damascus Air Bridge Event

Dear Pilots,
Warm Greeting!
By a positive cooperation between the divisions of Iran and Syria, and in a participation of our Divisions in the World Wide Event (The Crowded Skies), We would like to invite you to the Dual Bridge Event between Tehran and Damascus International Airports, on Saturday 13th December 2014 @ 1800 UTC, and lasts for 3 Hours.

Both Air spaces will be covered with the best ATCs from both Divisions. The Special “Crowded Skies” Award will be given to those who are online at least 2 hours including the time period between 1840 and 1920.

Event Information:

Note: All the participating pilots should be Online on-blocks 20 Minutes prior to the take-off time, and should fully comply to the speed instruction given by the controllers in order to avoid any un-necessary air traffic jam.

We wish you all a very nice time with our event.
IVAO Iran and IVAO Syria Events Departments

2014-11-15 Greetings to the first Iranian Supervisor

We are pleased to anounced that the IVAO Executive Council has decided to make Mr. Ali Abedi, IR-DIR, as the first Iranian Supervisor of the IVAN.

2014-10-20 Happy ATC Day

Cheers to everyone; ATCs all around the world! Happy International ATC's DAY 2014 to all of you, guys! Clear sky overhead!

2014-10-10 Continuing Weekly Group Flights

Eid Ghadir Group Flight

Our group flights was suspended temporarily due to the conflict with our summer classes. We are happy to announce the next group flight on Sunday October 12 (Eyd Ghadir). We will fly out of Sari or Rasht to reduce the load of departures. Bring your wings to the 38th week of group flights.

Departure: OIGG or OINZ
Destination: OISS
Date: Sunday, Oct 12, 2014
Time: 8 pm local (16:30z)

2014-09-24 New Military NOTAMs

The IVAO Iran Special Operations Department has posted 2 new NOTAMs recently. Please read them carefully.

2014-09-12 ADC Exam (Sajjad Seifpoor)

Dear IVAO Iran members, the Iran division will host an Aerodrome Controller Exam on 14 September 2014 at 16:00 UTC on Sajjad Seifpoor's field of choice, Tehran (OIII_TWR). So, any Inbound or Outbound IFR and VFR traffics to / from Mehrabad are welcomed during this exam. Looking for all of you to come and fly in Tehran to help Sajjad get his First Golden Star

Pack your charts for this exam to help him get his ADC rating easier. If you miss any resource, such as charts or sceneries, easily head to our Resources center on the top menu and you'll find your needs there.

2014-09-06 New tour in IVAO Iran

With the suggestion of Mr. Ali Kalantari (VID: 438940), IVAO Iran presents the Hajj IFR Tour 1393. In this tour you have to fly a total of 20 legs from different Iranian cities to the Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia to transfer the Iranian Muslim people. The due date of this tour is October 31, 2014. Feel free to visit the IRHT14 Tour in the IVAO Iran's Tour system for more information about the legs.

2014-08-07 Caspian Sea National Day Event

2014-08-03 APC Exam | Aug 10

Dear IVAO Iran members, the Iran division will host Ali Abedi's APC Exam on Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 21:00 IRDT (16:30 UTC) at Tehran TMA Radar (OIII_APP). So, any Inbound or Outbound IFR traffics to / from Mehrabad / IKA are welcomed during this exam. Looking for all of you to come and fly in/out Tehran to help Ali get his Second Golden Star.

Pack your charts for this exam to help him get his APC rating easier. If you miss any resource, such as charts or sceneries, easily head to our Download center on the top menu and you'll find your needs there.

2014-07-29 IVAO Iran's Summer Classes

2014-07-29 New SSR Codes for Tehran FIR

Our ATC Operations Coordinator has provided us the new SSR Codes list which should be used in Tehran FIR from now on. Dear ATC men, please download it from the ATC menu above.

2014-07-25 Group Flight week 37

After 2 international flights, we will fly from Zahedan to Sari this week. Bring your wings to the week 37 of the group flight and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sari.

Departure: Zahedan (OIZH)
Destination: Sari (OINZ)
Time: 9 pm local (16:30 UTC)
Date: Saturday July 26, 2014
Note: We may have a short briefing at 9 pm. 

2014-07-20 IVAO Iran calls for developers

The IVAO Iran Division invites all developers to help us improving our resources. If you have designed a scenery or sector file for any of the Iranian Airports, we will be more than happy if you share it with us.
To send us your IvAc Sector Files, click here.
To send us your Sceneries, click here.
Thank you very much,

2014-07-20 Week 36th of Group Flights

Last Saturday we flew from IKA to New Delhi Airport in our weekly group flight which was synchronized with the "Indo-Persian Xpress Event 2014" joint event with the Indian Division. As expected, our departure airport for the next week's group flight will be VIDP (New Delhi Airport), and the destination is Zahedan (OIZH) Airport. See you on July 19th, 16:30 UTC at VIDP ;)

Departure: VIDP (Charts | Scenery)
Destination: OIZH  (Charts)
Date: July 19
Time: 16:30 UTC
Route: LUN G333 TIGER G202 RK G452 DERBO

2014-07-11 Indo-Persian Xpress 2014 - Group Flight week 35

As you know we have a joint event with the Indian Division on Saturday 12, 2014, 12 UTC called "Indo-Persian Xpress 2014" which the departure is "Tehran IKA Intl. Airport (OIIE)" and the destination is "Delhi Indira Gandhi Intl. Airport (VIDP)". So our 35th weekly group flight will be in the same route. The briefing starts at 9 PM Tehran Local Time and we will start our flight right after the briefing. If you want to know more about the "Indo-Persian Xpress 2014" which will be an anual event, click here.

Departure: IKA (OIIE)
Destination: Indira Gandhi (VIDP)
Route: RADAL UL125 ZDN G452 LKA AKBAN (3h 25m | 1379nm)
Date: July 11, 2014
Briefing time: 16:30 UTC (21 Local)
Briefing channel: IVAO Iran TS3 Server (

2014-07-04 Week 34th of Group Flights

We will have a special flight on the 34'th week of the group flights. We will fly VFR between OIII and OIIE with propeller or turboprop aircrafts. Pilots are free to fly between OIII and OIIE as many times as they like. Please attend the briefing at 8:30 as special rules govern the VFR flights between these two airports.

Departure: OIII/OIIE
Destination: OIIE/OIII
Route: VFR
Time: 9 pm local 16:30 UTC
Date: Saturday, 5 July 2014
Briefing at 8:30 on our TS3 server
Aircraft: single/twin/three propeller, piston/turboprop, fixed wing aircraft that is not bigger than max. takeoff weight:17,120 lb (7,764 kg) (example B350/B1900).

2014-06-29 Due date of some of our tours

The IVAO Iran Events Department is announcing that the due date of the following tours is by the end of July 2014 and after August 1, 2014, they will not be validated anymore. So you have one month to finish them.

ATC13 : ATC Tour 2013
DIFR13 : Domestic IFR Tour 2013
IIT13 : International IFR Tour 2013
IRCT13 : Iran Aseman Virtual Airlines Tour 2013
PGH13 : Persian Gulf Helicopter Tour 2013
ULM13 : Iran division Ultra Light Tour 2013
WVFR13 : Iran West VFR Tour 2013

2014-06-28 New Tours in Iranian Division

As the Ramadan month starts, the IVAO Iran division will present its "Ramadan IFR Tour 93" to celebrate this God's ceremony. In this tour, which is designed by our beloved member Abbas Ataei, you'll fly to 19 different destinations in the great Iran in 20 legs, starting and ending at Mehrabad International Airport. You can find anything about this tour and also reporting your flights in the IVAO Iran's MODA Lite system, under the code of RIFR93.

In addition we have another tour which can be a challenging one! In our "Challenging IFR Tour 2014", you will fly in 35 legs. In these legs you'll fly to some of the main international destinations of 3 Iranian biggest airlines, Iran Air, Mahan Air and Iran Aseman Airlines, which most of these destinations are in Europe and all of them are among the busiest airports of the world, from London Heathrow to Dubai, from Istnabul's Ataturk to Amsterdam's Shiphol! You can find this tour under the code CIFR14 in the IVAO Iran's MODA Lite system.

2014-06-26 Week 33rd of Group Flights

Two weeks ago we flew into the beautiful Qeshm island. This week we fly out of Qeshm into Mehrabad International Airport. 
Bring your wings and join us in the 33'th week of our group flights.

Departure: Qeshm (OIKQ) 
Destination: Tehran (OIII)
Date: Saturday, June 28, 2014
Time: 9 pm local, 16:30 UTC 

2014-06-20 Week 32nd of Group Flights

As our next group flight will be in the same time as the Iran-Argentina football match in the FIFA World Cup, we will have an online night, tomorrow night. The departure and destination is up to you. We wish the best for our football players in Brazil.

2014-06-12 And it continues ... IVAO Iran Group Flights

We thank all who helped us manage 30 weeks of group flights. Bring your wings to the 31'th week of 
our weekly group flights. Enjoy the NDB approach to Qeshm airport.

Departure: Dezful (OIAD) 
Destination: Qeshm (OIKQ) 
Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014 
Time: 9 pm local, 16:30 UTC

2014-06-09 IMPORTANT - 08 June Event

Hello everybody,
First of all thanks everybody who participated in the "Tehran Fly-In/Out Event - In the memory of Ali Romina" with flying to/from OIII or OIIE. We enjoyed this event a lot. Secondly, if you have participated in this event, please fill in this form (or email your VID) so that we can issue you your award.

2014-06-06 Week 30th of Group Flights

We would like to thank everyone who supported our group flights during the last 30 weeks!
Bring your wings to celebrate the 30'th week of our group flights.

Departure: OITL (Ardabil)
Destination: OIAD (Dezful)
Date: Saturday, 7 June, 2014
Time: 9 pm local, 16:30 UTC
Briefing starts at 8:30

2014-06-06 Tehran Fly-In/Out in the memory of Ali Romina

2014-05-30 Week 29th of Group Flights

Our 29'th group flight will be as follows:

Departure: OIAW (Ahwaz)
Destination: OITL (Ardabil)
Time: 9 pm local (16:30z)
Date: Saturday May 31, 2013
Briefing starts at 8:30 pm

2014-05-23 Weeks 27th and 28th of Group Flights

We are proud to announce two more weekly group flights. Bring your wings and join us in week 27 and 28 of our group flights.

Week 27:
Departure: Tehran (OIII)
Destination: Birjand (OIMB) | SECTOR
Date: 17 May 2014

Week 28:
Departure: Birjand (OIMB) | SECTOR
Destination: Ahwaz (OIAW)
Date: 24 May 2014 (The annual anniversary of Liberation of Khorramshahr)

Time: 9:00 pm local, 16:30 UTC
Briefing starts at 8:30 at our TS3 server

2014-05-09 Week 26th of Group Flights

We started our group flights 7 mount ago. Thanks to your support we could achieve the rare record of 
25 back to back group flights in Iran. Your are welcome to participate in the 26'th week of the group flight.
NOTE: This group flight will be co-located with the Syrian division group flight.

Departure: OISS  (Shiraz)
Destination: OIII (Tehran Mehrabad)
Date: Saturday May 10, 2014
Time: 9 pm local, 16:30 UTC
Briefing starts at 8:30 pm

2014-05-02 New section in website

IVAO's beloved member, Mr. Armin Mohebbi (VID: 424123), is making "Quick View" Documents for the major airports of Iran. You can download these PDF documents from the "Iranian Airports Quick View" page in the Controllers Tab in the IVAO Iran's website's upper menu.

2014-05-01 Persian Gulf National Day Event

2014-04-25 Week 24th of Group Flights

Next Saturday, we will fly out of Esfahan into Chah bahar airport. Bring your wings to celebrate the 24'th week
of our group flights.

Departure: Esfahan (OIFM)
Destination: Chah bahar (OIZC)
Time: 9 pm local, 16:30 UTC
Date: Saturday 26 April 2014
Briefing starts at 8:30 pm

2014-04-18 Mashhad-Esfahan Group Flight

In the week 23, we will fly between two of our major airports. Full ATC coverage will be provided.

Departure: Mashhad (OIMM)
Destination: Esfahan (OIFM)
Time: 9 pm local (16:30 UTC)
Date: Saturday 19 April 2014
Briefing Starts at 8:30 in TS3

2014-04-10 Rasht-Mashhad Group Flight

In our 21 weeks of group flight, we have visited over 20 unique airports in Iran. It is time to revisit
some of our major airports. In the week 22 of our group flight, we will fly out of Rasht airport into
Mashhad airport. Bring your wings and join our big event.

Departure: Rasht (OIGG)
Destination: Mashhad (OIMM)
Route: RSR A416 METKI
Time: 9 pm local, 16:30 UTC
Date: Saturday April 12, 2014
Briefing starts at 8:30 in TS3:

2014-04-08 GCA Rules Revised

IVAO Iran has revised its rules and regaulations for the Guest Controllers who want to control within Iranian Airspace. You can check it here.

2014-04-07 Website Update

Hello everybody,
With the efforts of Mr. Arash Sha'ban (IR-AOC), we have a new Tehran TMA Sector File for IvAc which covers the airports in the Tehran TMA (OIII_APP) and should be used by the OIII_APP position (the OIII_TWR/GND and OIIE_TWR/GND positions should use the old one files). You can download any of the Iranian airports/areas sector files in the Resources Center of IVAO Iran's website here at any time.
In addition we have to thank Mr. Sha'ban again for providing the AirSpace Magazine for us which can be downloaded from the Community Center of our website here.
Your webmaster, Roozbeh

2014-04-05 Week 21st of IVAO IR Group Flights [Scenery Added]

We would like to thank everyone who participated in 20 weeks of our group flight! It is a great achievement for us and we hope to continue this event stronger than before. We encourage everyone to participate in the briefing that starts half an hour before the event.

Departure: Yazd (OIYY) [SCENERY]
Destination: Rasht (OIGG) [SCENERY]
Time: 9:00 pm local, 16:30 UTC
Date: Saturday, April 5, 2014
Briefing: 8:30 local, at TS3
To install sceneries, simply copy and paste the bgl files to the "scenery" folder of your MSFS.

2014-03-27 Week 20th of IVAO IR Group Flights

In the week 20 of our group flights, we will fly out of Sanandaj and Khoramabad into Yazd airport.
Bring your wings to the 20'th week of our group flights.

Departure 1: Sanandaj (OICS)
Route 1: LOVID W136 SAV UP574 PEKAM R654 TOVTA

Departure 2: Khoram abad (OICK)
Route 2: NOTSA G202 ISN R654 TOVTA

Destination: Yazd (OIYY)

Date: Saturday, March 29
Time: 9 pm local, 16:30 UTC

Briefing: Starts at 8:30 pm local time

2014-03-21 Happy Norooz - 1393

The division of Iran congratulates everyone who celebrates Norooz (the first day of spring) and wishes the best for every member of our division in the new year. 
We are proud to present the new appointments in the division of Iran. We hope success for the new members of our staff team. Welcome on-board!

Ali Abedi (Director | IR-DIR)
Mohammad Reza Almasi (Assistant Director | IR-ADIR)
Shayan Maddahi (Flight Operation Coordinator | IR-FOC)
Arash Sha'ban (ATC Operation Coordinator | IR-AOC)
Taregh Manasir (Membership Coordinator | IR-MC)
Sajjad Seifpour (Membership Assistant Coordinator | IR-MAC)

2014-03-17 Week 19th of IVAO IR Group Flights

We have two destinations for our next group flight. We will fly from Persian gulf airport to Sanandaj (OCS) and Khoramabad (OICK). Pilots are free to choose any of the two destinations.
Flight briefing will start at 8:30 pm in MY Airlines and Mahan Air teamspeak 3 server.

Departure: Persian gulf (OIBP)

Destination 1: Sanandaj (OICS)
Destination 2: Khoramabad (OICK)

Date: March 22, 2014
Time: 9:00 pm local

Briefing time: 8:30
Briefing server (TS3):

2014-03-13 Week 18th of IVAO IR Group Flights

In the week 18 of our group flights, we will fly VFR from Bandar Abbas to Persian Gulf Airport via our beautiful cities, Gheshm, Bandar Lengh, Kish, and Lavan. I a case of limited visibility, we will depart or arrive IFR. Please note the required aircraft type.

Departure: Bandar Abbas (OIKB)
Destination: Persian Gulf (OIBP)


Route Cities: Bandar Abbas, Gheshm, Bandar Lengh, Kish, Lavan, Perisan Gulf

Aircraft: Propeller, piston/turboprop, fixed wing aircraft that is not bigger than max. takeoff weight:17,120 lb (7,764 kg) (example B350/B1900).

Date: Saturday, March 15, 2014
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC 

2014-02-27 Week 16th of IVAO IR Group Flights

As we have had a great increase in the number of participants in our weekly group flights, we have decided to have 2 different departure aerodromes in the next week. In week 16 of our group flights, we will fly from Ahwaz or Abadan to Bandar Abbas airport. Every pilot is free to choose any of the departure airports independent of which one he flew into last week.

Departure 1: Ahwaz (OIAW)

Departure 2: Abadan (OIAA)
Route 2: DEMPO G665 SYZ W10 MOBON

Destination: Bandar Abbas (OIKB)
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC
Date: March 1, 2014

2014-02-20 22 Feb | 15th week of Group Flights

In the week 15 of our group flights, we will fly to two destinations due to the recent increase in the number of the flights. We thank all pilots and controllers  participated in our group flights who made 20+ traffics possible. We also keep up with you to increase the quality of the ATC service you receive. Every pilot has the option to choose either destination.

Departure: Kerman(OIKK)
Destination 1: Ahwaz(OIAW)
Destination 2: Abadan(OIAA)
Route 2: GETIS G452 SYZ G665 DEMPO
Date: 22 Feb, 2014
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC

2014-02-13 15 Feb | Kermanshah-Kerman Group Flight

This week, we will fly out of Kermanshah to Kerman. Join us in our group flight with full ATC coverage.

Departure: OICC
Destination: OIKK
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC
Date: Saturday Feb 15

2014-02-05 08 Feb | Baku-Kermanshah Group Flight

This week, we will fly out of Baku to Kermanshah. Join us in our group flight with full ATC coverage.

Departure: UBBB
Destination: OICC
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC
Date: Saturday Feb 8.

2014-02-02 APC Exam | 7 Feb

Dear IVAO Iran members, the Iran division will host an APC Exam on 7th February 2014 at 20:00 IRST (16:30 UTC) at my very kind friend's, Mohammad Reza Almasi, TMA of choice, Tehran (OIII_APP). So, any Inbound or Outbound IFR traffics to / from Mehrabad / IKA are welcomed during this exam. Looking for all of you to come and fly in/out Tehran to help Mohammad Reza get his Second Golden Star.

Pack your charts for this exam to help him get his APC rating easier. If you miss any resource, such as charts or sceneries, easily head to our Resources center on the top menu and you'll find your needs there.

Mehrabad International Airport AIP Charts
Imam Khomaini International Airport AIP Charts

2014-01-31 01 Feb | Tehran-Baku Group Flight

Thank you all who supported us to make 11 weeks of group flights happen. With the help of our friends in Azerbaijan, we will fly from Tehran (OIIE) to Baku (UBBB) in the week 12. The route we will fly on Saturday is the actual route flown by flight AHY018. Therefore, we sincerely ask everyone to fly the exact route.

Departure: Tehran (OIIE)
Destination: Baku (UBBB)
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC
Date: Saturday 1 Feb
OIIE Charts
UBBB Charts
UBBB Scenery Fix

2014-01-31 Thank you Amir Hossein

We would like to thank our Assistant WebMaster (IR-AWM), Amir Hossein Bahrami, for his efforts in the IVAO Iran Logistics Department specially in the Persian part of the website and Training Academy. He has spent many time on all of these things and other important jobs.

Thank you Mr. Bahrami for your hard work on Iran Division's website, Persian section (Farsi language), Training academy and IVAO Iran TeamSpeak3, Issued by Amin Tomari IR-DIR

He is always there to help the IR DIV and its beloved members.

2014-01-13 10th and 11th Weekly Flight Groups

In the 10'th and 11'th weeks of our group flight, we will fly an International route with the help of our friends in the IVAO Turkey. Click on the Read More button below ;)



On Saturday Jan 18:
Departure: Orumieh (OITR)
Destination: Ankara (LTAC)
Time: 21:00 Tehran Local, 17:30 UTC

On Saturday Jan 25:
Departure: Ankara (LTAC)
Destination: Tehran (OIIE)
Time: 21:00 Tehran Local, 19:30 Ankara Local, 17:30 UTC

2014-01-10 11 Jan | Bushehr-Urmia Group Flight

We have accomplished two months of weekly group flights. We are happy to announce the 9'th group flight for the coming Saturday.

Departure: Bushehr (OIBB)
Destination: Orumieh (OITR)
Date: Saturday 11 Jan 2014
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC

2014-01-04 New Charts Available

Dear members,
First of all I would like to say Happy New Chritian Year to all of you and wish the best in 2014. Then I would like to inform you that we have provided the newest AIP charts of Iranian Airports (total of 71 files) which are published on 01 Jan 2014. You can download them from the Resources Center. As of now the pilots and controllers should use these charts instead of the old ones. Note that, some of the charts may have not been changed or revised.
With the best wishes,
Roozbeh Razavi,
IVAO Iran Webmaster

2014-01-01 04 Jan | Zahedan-Bushehr Group Flight

This week will be two months since we started our group fight. Let's celebrate the year 2014 with our group flight in the 8'th week. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Departure: Zahedan (OIZH)
Destination: Bushehr (OIBB)
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC
Date: Saturday, Jan 4, 2014
Route: DANUS G452 SYZ W23 KUGVU 

2013-12-31 IVAO Iran 2013 Tours Deadline

Dear members,
The deadline of the IVAO Iran 2013 Tours is 28th of February 2014 and after that the tours will be closed. Our 2014 tours will be introduced soon.
Thank you for your attention,
IVAO Iran Events Department

2013-12-23 28 Dec | Esfahan-Zahedan Group Flight

Our 6'th group flight took place on Saturday from the beautiful Kish island to Esfahan. Be prepared for the next week's group flight. Our next group flight will be between Esfahan and Zahedan in the 7'th week. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Departure: Esfahan (OIFM)
Destination: Zahedan (OIZH)
Date: Saturday 28 December 2013
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC
Route: LADAL R654 KER G452 DANUS

2013-12-19 Congrats! We are not "On Trial" anymore!

As you know any IVAO division will be marked as "On Trial" at the point of its establishment. So do the Iranian Division. But according to email received from the IVAO Executive team, our division has passed all the requirements and expectations, and it is now a "Full IVAO Division".

On behalf of IVAO Iran Director, I want to thank all of our beloved staff and members for their efforts to achieve this goal. I've removed the "On Trial" flag of those staffs who had done their best and fullfilled their job and got the experience.

I also want to thank Roozbeh for his job as the webmaster in maintaining the site updated and functional and for creating our new logo based on the new IVAO branding policies and also want to thank Mr. Ali Abedi for his volountery efforts on managing and organizing our group flights and events.

Congratulations again,
Amin Tomari,
IVAO Iran Director

2013-12-18 21 Dec | Kish-Isfahan Group Flight

We are happy to announce that our group flight will take place between Kish and Isfahan in the six'th week.

Departure: Kish island (OIBK)
Destination: Isfahan (OIFM)
Date: Saturday 21 December
Time: 9 pm local, 17:30 UTC
Route: ALNOL W147 LVA G666 SYZ R659 GESIP

2013-12-18 IVAO Iran New Logo

According to the IVAO Facelift and new branding policies, IVAO Iran introduces its new logo. From now on, the only official logo of the IVAO Iran Division is the logo below:

IVAO Iran Official Logo - New

2013-12-15 We did it!

Last night we had the IVAO Crystal Skies Event and IVAO Iran Tabriz-Kish Group Flight. The IVAO could reach +2200 simultaneously connections and here in Iran we had these facilities online:
* OIIX_S1_CTR and OIIX_S4_CTR were online for the first time in IVAO Iran's history.
Additionaly we had +20 flights departing from Tabriz (OITT) and arriving to Kish Island (OIBK). And also we had many other traffics flying inbound/outbound Iranian airports and also some over-fliers.
We want to thank you all for this great job.
Our controllers last night: Ali Abedi, Amir Naderi, Soroush Salahshour, Amir Hossein Bahrami, Roozbeh Razavi

97108605694653519020.png 45821079113132813164.png 23757150638827536647.png48262340850001774690.png

2013-12-10 14 Dec | Crystal Skies event and Tabriz-Kish Groupflight

Dear friends,
Our next week's groupflight will overlap with the IVAO crystal skies event. It would be ideal if pilots and controllers participating in this event get the IVAO award, too. Since pilots should be online between 18:40 and 19:20 UTC and they have to be online for at least 2 hours, a long route has been chosen based on the previous polls.

Departure: Tabriz OITT
Destination: Kish OIBK
Date: December 14
Time: 9pm local. 17:30 UTC

2013-12-02 07 Dec | Shiraz-Tabriz Group Flight

As we've announced earlier, we will have a group flight in Iran every Saturday. Last week we flew from Tehran to Shiraz and for this week we will head to Tabriz International Airport. So bring your aircraft, from light to heavy, an come and join the fun. For sure we will have professional controllers to lit up Iranian Airspace!
Departure: Shiraz (OISS)
Destination: Tabriz (OITT)
Time: 9:00 pm local (17:30 UTC)
Date: Saturday, 7 December 2013
Charts | Sceneries

2013-11-27 30 Nov | Tehran-Shiraz Group Flight

We have a group flight on Saturday - November 30, 2013 - 9 PM Local Time (17:30 UTC). We'll depart from Tehran, Mehrabad International Airport (OIII) and will arrive at Shiraz, Shahid Dastaghib International Airport (OISS). The Iranian Airspace will lit up by some professional controllers.

The legal route between OIII and OISS will be : EGVEL UP574 ASNIT

See you there ;)

2013-11-13 The IVAO Facelift

IVAO is active in over 50 countries and this year is celebrating 15 years service to the flight simulation community, however, over this time the identity of IVAO seems to have become fragmented and disjointed by the creation of various styles of documentation, logos, signatures etc, etc.
2014 will see the emergence of a new organisation branding style that will help unify everything from divisional and HQ logos, business cards, signatures, colours and fonts to mention just a few.
To start the ball rolling the Board of Governors has approved the new organisation logos. These can be seen on the PR logos page with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop versions being made available shortly.
The organisation branding is a very large project involving many people and departments which will take time to complete and we hope with the release of the new official IVAO logos we can start to bring together the many facets of our amazing community.

2013-11-04 KuMi Group Flight to OIII

There is a group of pilots from Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Austria who meet every Wednesday since 2002 (!) for a small competition, called KuMi. The main goal of this competition is to touch down at exactly 2100z. The winner will get to choose the next destination.
Their next destination will be in our division: Teheran, OIII in Iran and the Iran Division will provide full ATC service in Mehrabad TMA and Tehran FIR from 20z to 22z. They are a group of approximately 7 to 15 pilots (very IVAO experienced) so it gets always very busy around the aerodrome because everybody is aiming and planing their flights to arrive at 2100 UTC.


You can watch these two videos to see the amount of traffic which is expected!!

2013-10-05 [UPDATED] Upcoming ADC Exams Schedule


The training department has organized our upcoming ADC Exams as the table below. Note that this table may change. [GREEN = Done | RED = Canceled]

Date Day Time Applicant Position
Aug 06 Thuesday 15:30 UTC Amir Hosein Bahrami OIII_TWR
Aug 09 Friday 15:30 UTC Roozbeh Razavi OIII_TWR
Aug 16 Friday 15:30 UTC Amir Hosein Mohiti OIII_TWR
Aug 23 Friday 15:30 UTC Mohammad Reza Almasi OIII_TWR
Aug 30 Friday 15:30 UTC Mohammad Mehdi Dehghan (Canceled due to lack of coordination) OIMM_TWR
Sep 04 Wednesday 15:30 UTC Mohammad Mehdi Dehghan (Canceled due to DDoS attacks against IVAO) OIMM_TWR
Sep 09 Friday 15:30 UTC Armin Mohebbi (Canceled by the examinee) OIII_TWR
Sep 20 Friday 15:30 UTC Seyed Mohammad Nuri Najafi (Canceled by the examinee) OIII_TWR
Oct 04 Friday 17:30 UTC Amir Hosein Mohiti OIII_TWR
Oct 09 Wednesday 17:30 UTC Mohammad Mehdi Dehghan OIMM_TWR
Oct 18 Friday 16:30 UTC Ali Abedi OIII_TWR
Nov 01 Friday 16:30 UTC Mohammad Deldari  (Canceled by the applicant) OIII_TWR

The event department has managed to have online nights on the above date and times to have sufficient traffics for these exams. Surely in these online nights the main concentrate should be on Tehran-Mehrabad Intl. (OIII) except on August 30th which will be Mashhad-Shahid Hashemi Nezhad Intl. (OIMM).

IVAO Iran Training Department                                IVAO Iran Event Department

2013-09-21 Fly for Peace Event (Tehran - Mashhad Air Bridge)

ATC Table Published HERE


The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on 21 September. It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone for humanitarian aid access. The day was first celebrated in 1982, and is kept by many nations, political groups, military groups, and peoples. In 2013, for the first time, the Day was dedicated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to peace education, the key preventive means to reduce war sustainably.
To inaugurate the day, the United Nations Peace Bell is rung at UN Headquarters. The bell is cast from coins donated by children from all continents except Africa, and was a gift from the United Nations Association of Japan, as "a reminder of the human cost of war"; the inscription on its side reads, "Long live absolute world peace".
The IVAO Iran wants to held an event on this day to broadcast peace and friendship to the world. All of the IVAO members from every division are welcomed in this event. From 15:30z to 19:30z, 21/09/2013 we will fly to/from Tehran and Mashhad, two of the most biggest cities of the Great Iran. Obviously OIII and OIMM and also the Tehran FIR will be fully staffed on this time. Tehran is the Political Capital of Iran and Mashhad is the Religious Capital of Iran.


DATE : 21 Sep 2013
TIME : 15:30z - 19:30z (20:00 to midnight local)


A total of 10 points is necessary to get the IR Pilot Event Award. Each leg you fly worth 1 point. You should report your legs in the IRPETON here.



No booking is necessary for flights. So feel free to start your flight anytime between 1530 and 1930 zulu at one of the involved airports of OIII or OIMM.
For ATCmen we have a booking plan. All of the applicants (IR members or those have GCA) should register for their desired position here. (Please keep in mind that booking a slot is a way of letting the event coordinator know you are available. We will post the schedule on which you can find your ATC position on our website prior to the event time.)


We have good free sceneries for OIII and OIMM which you can find in our website here.
Mehrabad Charts are downloadable here.
Mashhad Charts are downloadable here.

2013-09-05 [CANCELED] Mehrabad Mega Fly-In Event

It seems that we have to CANCEL our event due to the IVAN problems. We can connect to IVAN but not the TS servers. So THE EVENT IS CANCELED and we will inform you about any postponing schedule. Sorry

Mehrabad International Airport (Persian: فرودگاه مهرآباد‎) (IATA: THR, ICAO: OIII) is an airport that serves Tehran, Iran. It was the primary airport of Tehran in both international and domestic passenger traffic but has been replaced by Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) in most of its international flights. It is still by far the busiest airport in Iran in terms of passenger traffic and aircraft movements, handling 13,163,368 passengers in 2010.
The IVAO Iran division wants to held and event on the 5th of September 2013 from 15:30z to 19:30z at Mehrabad Intl. Airport (OIII / THR). In this Fly-In event you can depart from almost any airport you wish to the final destination of Tehran, Mehrabad International Airport, which will be fully staffed.
The controllers can book their positions in our ATC Booking System (thanks for NL division for this great tool).

So Book your ATC Positions here.
Charts can be downloaded here.
Scenery : FSX (update) // FS9

2013-08-30 [IMPORTANT] Charts update for 4 airports

Hi mates,

We have updated the charts of 4 airports in our resources center. Thanks to Mr. Mohammad Hosein Roghangarha for providing us these updated charts. These 4 airports are: Shiraz (OISS), Abadan (OIAA), Mahshahr (OIAM) and Lar (OISL).

2013-08-28 Special congrats to Mr. Mohammad Reza Almasi

We want to proudly announce that our beloved member, Mr. Mohammad Reza Almasi got his first Golden Star in ATC recently. 

2013-08-18 Registering ATCmen for events

The IVAO Iran Events Department is requesting all the members who want to act as ATC in the upcoming IVAO Iran Events and Online Nights, to send their Full Name, VID and Phone Number to and as soon as possibleThe E-Dep wants to make a proffesional team of ATCs to support the full coverage idea on our Events.

2013-08-16 Special congrats to Mr. Roozbeh Razavi

We want to proudly announce that our beloved member, Mr. Roozbeh Razavi got his first Golden Star in ATC recently. In addition he is now assigned to be the IVAO Iran's Events Coordinator (IR-EC), beside being the IR-WM. So as of now, he is also responsible for the Events and Tours of the Iran Division with the assistance of Mr. Mehdi Spandar (IR-EAC). For any questions or demands about Events and Tours you can reach Roozbeh with this email address: ir-ec[at]ivao[dot]aero.

2013-08-14 Ramadan IFR Tour 2013 Closed

We wish you've had a pleasant Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr. The IVAO Iran's Ramadan IFR Tour 2013 is now closed. We hope you could finish all the legs.

2013-08-11 Website Update Number 13.08.11

Hi mates,

We have done some updates on our official website. First of all please clear your browser's cache and then refresh . The first change you'll notice is the background color. Then you'll probably see the rounded corners of the main container!

Oh look, the slideshow photos are changed with 20 high quality Flight Simulator Shots, which are gathered from . Ok, let's surf more ... Here it is! The sidebars are rearranged, the Who's Online and Booking Sections are working again! Here we go ...

The shots are courtesy of SimShot and these shotters: Saman Jangjoo, Shayan Madahi, Alireza Omidvar, Hamidreza Rafizadeh, Hassan Dehghan, Nima Ghiasi Doust, Taregh Msr, Mohammad Sadegh Ghana'at, Amin, Vahid Manafi, Amir Hosein Bahrami and Roozbeh Razavi.


2013-08-11 Important reminder for tours reporting

We kindly request every member to pay attention to their Takeoff and Landing times. You have to file your report with the correct times which should be in UTC.

The IVAO tracker records every flight data every 5 minutes. The maximum variation from your actual takeoff/landing time from the time you report is 4 minutes. If this variation exceeds, your leg will be rejected.

Secondly, please pay attention to the maximum allowed speed of every tour. You should not exceed any of the 2 speeds given. For example if there is the red line of Mach 0.78 and 470 Kts TAS, and you are flying with M0.78, you should also check not to exceed 470 Kts TAS.

IVAO Iran Event and Tours Coordinator
Amin Tomari

2013-08-07 Special congrats to Mr. Amir Hossein Bahrami

We want to proudly announce that our beloved member, Mr. Amir Hossein Bahrami got his first Golden Star in ATC recently. 

2013-07-31 In the memory of Mahdi Najafi

Unfortunately we have to inform you about a very sad news. We have lost one of our young friends. We have lost Mahdi Najafi. Because of this and for the memorial of him, the Iran Aseman Virtual Airlines (Mahdi's VA) with the cooperation of IVAO Iran has managed an event in IVAO Skies tonight at 15:30 UTC (20:00 Local). In this event we will fly from any airport to Mashhad - Shahid Hashemi Nezhad Intl. (OIMM) under full coverage of ATC. Dear Mahdi was only 16 with the origin of Mashhad, Iran, but he was living in Finland. Please come and join us in the memory of Mahdi with any legal callsign.

2013-07-29 Valid SSR Codes for Tehran FIR

The list of valid SSR codes for Iranian Airspace is now provided and available for download here as a pdf document. The source of this document is the Manual of Air Traffic Services (MATS) of CAO.IRI (CAD2011).

2013-07-29 Special congrats to Mr. Sadegh Bahrami

We want to proudly announce that our beloved member, Mr. Sadegh Bahrami got his first Golden Star in ATC recently. And also he is the first Iranian Division Member who have got the Super Aviator badge which is given to anyone who has passed at least 2 practical exam with the overall score of more than 95. This badge is issuable by the IVAO-MD.

2013-07-27 The PathFinder is back again!

Hi mates,

I just wanted to tell you that the PathFinder (RouteFinder) thing is back again and is available under the resources menu. So now you have the good source for your routes.

Safe flights :)


2013-07-09 Iran Ramadan IFR Tour 2013

Iran Ramadan IFR Tour 2013

IVAO Iran will welcome the God's month of Ramadan with an IFR Tour to fly across the country. This tour will begin with a leg from Tehran, the political capital, to the Holy Mashhad, the religious capital of Islamic Republic of Iran. This tour contains 14 legs in total.

This tour will be open on 10th of July.

May the Ramadan bring you peace and prosperity, good health and wealth, and brighten your life forever.

Necessary charts
Necessary scneries

Tour by Amin Tomari
Image by Roozbeh Razavi

2013-07-07 New Staff Appointments

As of today we have 5 more staff in our division so we are now 11. I want to say a warm welcome to our staff list new commers:

Mr. Amir Masoud Sharifi (as Special Operations Coordinator = IR-SOC), Mr. Sadegh Bahrami (as Training Assistant Coordinator = IR-TAC), Mr. Mohammad Arafati (as Training Advisor 1 = IR-TA1), Mr. Mehdi Spandar (as Event Assistant Coordinator = IR-EAC) and Mr. Mohamad Reza Almasi (as Membership Assistant Coordinator = IR-MAC).

And additionaly, Mr. Ali Abedi (Former IR-MAC) is now upgraded to Membership Coordinator (IR-MC).

We hope that our Membership, Training, Event and Special Operations departments grow up more with the help of these 6 professional guys.

You can check any changes in our Staff table in this page.

2013-06-29 Iranian Islands Air Bridge Tour 2013

Image by Roozbeh Razavi

Hi there. I would like to tell you that we have launched a new tour for Iranian members (IRAB1). In this new tour you will start you journey by a flight from Tehran to Kish Island. Then you will have airbridge flights between 3 Iranian islands, Kish, Gheshm and Abu Musa. After 16 airbridge flights between these islands you will back to Tehran from Abu Musa.

This tour is an IFR tour; the maximum allowed cruising level is FL350 and the maximum allowed speed is M0.81 (or 470 kts TAS). Your callsign should be a Real Airline or a Virtual Airline that is registered in IVAO database.

For joining this tour you can click here.

Tour by Amin Tomari
Image by Roozbeh Razavi

2013-06-23 Say hello to 2013 Tours

As we mentioned before on 2012-12-30, all of the 2012 tours have been closed on 2013-03-31 23:59 UTC and we are now gladful to present you our 2013 Tours. On 2013 we will initially have 5 tours: 3 IFR, 1 (+1) VFR and 1 Helitour!

On our DIFR13 tour (Domestic IFR) the base airport is Tehran-Mehrabad (OIII) and you'll fly 27 legs to each corner of the Great Iran with the minimum range of 107 nm to the maximum of 772! In this tour you have to fly with the aircrafts which are suitable for IFR flights. The maximum allowed FL is 390 with the Mach Speed of 0.85 (490 kts). You have to add " RMK/Domestic IFR Tour 2013 Legxx" ('xx' = the leg number) in your flightplan. All the legs have to be flown in the right order.

In IIT13 (International IFR) the base airport is Tehran-Imam Khomaini Airport (IKA) (OIIE) and you have to fly 30 legs with the minimum of 405 nm to Kuwait Intl., and the maximum of 1849 nm to Rome, Italy. You should fly Medium or Heavy aircrafts in this tour, and like the DIFR13, you've to fly all legs in the right order, maximum FL390 and M0.85. Don't forget to add " RMK/IIFRT2013 Legxx" ('xx' = the leg number) in your flightplan.

The PGH13 (Persian Gulf Helicopter tour) you will enjoy flying over the Persian Gulf. You will start your journey from Bandar Abbas (OIKB) airport and end it in Mahshahr (OIAM). Minimum distance is only 24nm and the maximum is 106. You have to fly below FL100 with the maximum speed of 90 kts. There are 13 legs, 737 nm and approximately 8 hours of flying with Helicopter! Do not forget that in this tour you have to fly under VFR. "RMK/Persian Gulf Helicopter Tour 2013 Legxx" ("xx" = the leg number) should be added to the flightplan.

And our WVFR13 (West VFR). The last year we had North VFR, and this year we'll have West VFR tour which contains 21 Legs starting and ending at Ghazvin (OIIK). Total 1746 nm (~11.5 hrs). Minimum 46 nm, Maximum 121nm. You have to fly Light aircrafts. Maximum permitted speed is 150 KIAS and FL190. Add " RMK/Iran West VFR Tour 2013 LEGxx " ("xx" = the leg number) in your flightplans.

We will also have a long haul tour which will be open soon.

These are our initial tours for 2013 and some others are on the way. Enjoy 2013 (1392) with IVAO IRAN TOURS. Have nice flights :)

IVAO Iran Events Department

Amin Tomari

2013-05-27 New sceneries available for download

Hi there. I want to inform you that we have updated our Scenery page in the Resources center so that you can now download Tehran Imam Khomaini Intl. Airport (IKA) and Mehrabad Intl. (which was payware before). There are more information available in that page, so you can head to our scenery page now!

2013-05-21 [NOTAM] New Charts Available - IMPORTANT

Hello everybody,

We have provided new Jeppesen Charts for Iranian Airports and they're all available in our resources center, here. Please download the files you need. It's MANDATORY for all Air Traffic Controllers to use these new charts from now on. Controllers are REQUIRED to have all applicable charts available while on duty (for Center Controllers this can be quite a bunch).

We've provided the charts of 60 Iranian Airports. You can download them one by one (PDF Format), also you can download them all in one RAR file or in a single PDF file. In addition we've provided Iran Enroute Chart.

For downloading these new charts (Updated 21-May-2013) Click Here


2013-05-08 IVAO Stress Test

Dear IVAO members,

Over the last few weeks the network team at IVAO have been busy upgrading the servers, hopefully you will have noticed the improvements in stability. However, we need your help!

We can only really test the effectiveness of the upgrades by placing the network under high load and therefore we would like to invite you to the "IVAO Stress Test" event on May 17th, 2013 from 17:00 to 20:00 UTC.

We would like to see if we can sustain 2,500 simultaneous connections with the peak hour expected to be 19:00 UTC.

This is your opportunity to not only fly with thousands of other pilots and experience great ATC coverage, but also make a positive contribution to helping IVAO improve the network for all our members.

Our Network and Logistics team will be on standby to monitor network performance and attend to any problems that my arise.

As controller or pilot, join us for this unique event!

Best regards,
Maxime Esnau
IVAO Public Relations Assistant Director

2013-05-03 APC Exam (5th May)

Dear IVAO Iran members, the Iran division will host an APC Exam on Sunday 5th May 2013 at 18:00 UTC (22:30 Local) at my friend, Ehsan Balazadeh Khafa, TMA of choice, Tehran (OIII_APP). So, any Inbound or Outbound IFR traffics to / from Mehrabad / IKA are welcomed during this exam. Looking for all of you to come and fly in Tehran to help Ehsan get his Second Golden Star this Sunday.

Pack your charts for this exam to help him get his APC rating easier. If you miss any resource, such as charts or sceneries, easily head to our Resources center on the top menu and you'll find your needs there.

By the way, here are all of the charts for Mehrabad Intl. (OIII) and IKA (OIIE):

Mehrabad :

Imam Khomeini International :

2013-04-19 IVAO IRAN TS3 Server Launched

IVAO Iran division wants to introduce its TeamSpeak3 server for our beloved members. In this new TeamSpeak3 server you can get in touch with Iranian Division Staff and members to be more familiar with each other to have good time and have fun together.

Download the TeamSpeak3

IVAO Iran TeamSpeak Viewer

2013-04-15 IVAO Iran Training Classes - 2nd edition

We are proudful to inform you that the IVAO Iran has decided to plan for another year of its training classes. We will tell you more about in detail in the next few weeks but initially you can expect ATC training (using IvAc), The rules of the IVAO, Flying in IVAO Skies (using IvAp) and Getting Familiar with IVAO and IVAO Iran website classes. So stay tuned to get informed about the 2nd series of IVAO Iran Training Classes in the near future.

2013-04-15 Needing active persons for ATC and Training departments

The IVAO Iran Division is now in need of some skillfull members to take a role in the division as ATC and Training Coordinators. So as we want to expand our division's greatness, we would like all of those who have suficient time and knowledge and those who are real ATC or Pilot, to fill in an application form for their desired position here or directly contact

Thanks a lot

2013-04-07 A big thanks to IR-EAC

We would like to thank our Event Assistant Coordinator, Amir Naderi, for his efforts in the IVAO Iran Event Department specially for planning the 2013 Divisional Tours. He has spent many time on planning these different tours and coordinating with other divisions involved in them.

Thank you dear Naderi for your hard work on Iran Division (Event Department) specially for 2013 division tours. Issued by Amin Tomari IR-DIR

He is always there to help the IR DIV and it's beloved members, check the reported legs and designing new tours and events.

By Amir's hard job, we have now ULM Tour 2013 available for flying in the moda system. In this tour you have to fly Ultra Light aircrafts only below 3500 ft AGL with the maximum speed of 100 KIAS. You have the best opportunity to visit Iran North Coastal Line's great scenery. This tour starts at Bojourd (OIMN) and ends at Rasht (OIGG). You can head to to get more info.

2013-03-14 New Year Event

IVAO Iran want to introduce Iranian New Year (Nowrooz) Event at 18th march

Departure: OIII Mehrabad - Tehran

Destnation: OIBK - KISH ISLAND

Date: 18/3/2012 18:00z -|- 28/12/1391 21:30 Local


You need your charts on board which are available at the resources center.

This flight is under Full ATC coverage.

We Invite All Members Who are Interested In Controlling An ATC Position To Send their request ( Including The position) To IR ATC Operation Coordinator "IR-AOC@IVAO.AERO" And After His Confirm , Book Their ATC Position.

Happy New Year 


2013-02-22 Monthly ATC Event

Dear IVAO Iran members,

In the last Friday of each month from 17:00 to 19:30 UTC ((20:30 to 22:30 local)) , the Iranian airspace will be under full ATC coverage.

We invite all members who are interested in controlling an ATC position to send their request (Including The position) to IRAN ATC Operation Coordinator "IR-AOC@IVAO.AERO" and after his confirmation , book their ATC position.

This event is a good opportunity for training . Because IR-AOC will supervise all controller's actions . So you can ask your questions.

2013-02-12 OIBP and OIBA facilities are now available

We would like to let you know that  we now have Asaluyeh (Persian Gulf INTL) (OIBP) and Abumusa Island (OIBA) airports covered in IVAO network. Our controllers can now control these facilities using the IvAc client.

2013-01-31 Persian Gulf VFR Event

Dear IVAO Iran members,

IVAO Iran proudly presents the Persian Gulf Forever VFR event which will be hosted in 2 parts. For more information click on the event's logo in the right sidebar.

2013-01-30 ADC Exam (02 Feb)

Dear IVAO Iran members, the Iran division will host an ADC Exam on 2nd February 2013 at 20:30 IRST (17:00 UTC) ,Seyyed Mohammad Nuri Najafi, field of choice, Tehran (OIII_TWR). So, any Inbound or Outbound IFR and VFR traffics to / from Mehrabad are welcomed during this exam. Looking for all of you to come and fly in Tehran to help Ali get his First Golden Star

Pack your charts for this exam to help him get his ADC rating easier. If you miss any resource, such as charts or sceneries, easily head to our Resources center on the top menu and you'll find your needs there.

By the way, here are all of the charts for Mehrabad Intl. (OIII)


2013-01-28 ADC Exam (25 Jan)

Dear IVAO Iran members, the Iran division will host an ADC Exam on 25th January 2013 at 19:30 IRST (16:00 UTC) ,Ali PourIraj, field of choice, Tehran (OIII_TWR). So, any Inbound or Outbound IFR and VFR traffics to / from Mehrabad are welcomed during this exam. Looking for all of you to come and fly in Tehran to help Ali get his First Golden Star

Pack your charts for this exam to help him get his ADC rating easier. If you miss any resource, such as charts or sceneries, easily head to our Resources center on the top menu and you'll find your needs there.

By the way, here are all of the charts for Mehrabad Intl. (OIII)


2013-01-20 Thank you all!

Hello everybody, last night, we were all trying to get break the record. Unfortunately there were some minor and also major problems in the IVAN servers so we couldn't reach more than 2054 simultaneous connections! By the way, AEROSOFT, donated 2054€ to the poor people of Africa! This is the point! Peace ...

And the IVAO Public Relations Department decided to change the Crowded Skies award requirements. So, anybody who have tried to connect to IVAO servers (IvAp/IvAc) (even just for one time) between 18:40z and 19:20z, will give that award and the minimum 2 hours for pilots and 1 hour for ATCs is disregarded.

Check your profiles and if there's an award, congratulations, but if there isn't and you think you have passed the new requirement, just send an email to Maxime Esnau in English and write your VID, and tell him that you were ATC or Pilot at .

Finally, on behalf of the IVAO Iran Staff, want to thank all the Iranian members who were there, trying to break the record, by flying or by lightening up Iran FIR by connecting as ATC.

Thank you again for trying to have fun, to light up the IVAO Skies and the most important one, to help the poor people of Africa ...

2013-01-13 APC Exam (18 Jan)

Dear IVAO Iran members, the Iran division will host an APC Exam on 18th January 2013 at 19:30 IRST (16:00 UTC) at my very kind friend, Arash Sha'ban, TMA of choice, Tehran (OIII_APP). So, any Inbound or Outbound IFR traffics to / from Mehrabad / IKA are welcomed during this exam. Looking for all of you to come and fly in Tehran to help Arash get his Second Golden Star next week.

Pack your charts for this exam to help him get his APC rating easier. If you miss any resource, such as charts or sceneries, easily head to our Resources center on the top menu and you'll find your needs there.

By the way, here are all of the charts for Mehrabad Intl. (OIII) and IKA (OIIE):

Mehrabad :

Imam Khomeini International :

2013-01-07 Website additions

As IVAO Iran webmaster, I want to introduce you some additions to our website. Now under Resources tab, you can find 3 more good tools, Flightplanner, SID/STAR Searcher and a Descent Calculator which are very useful for you. All of these tools are designed by Miguel Frias.

The flight planner allows you to make sure MS Flight Simulator will follow a specific route. Many times your Virtual Airline (VA) specifies a route which is not the same as the simulator's. This tool allows you to paste the intended route and it will create an FS2004/FSX-compatible plan file (.PLN) that you can download and load into the program. This planner uses AIRAC cycle 1213 (2012).

The Descent Calculator tool allows you to calculate the correct point where to start your descent (TOD = Top Of Descent).

The SID/STAR Searcher tool allows you to enter a SID or STAR designation and it will show you the departure/arrival route that the ATC has given you.

Thank you very much,

Take it as real as it gets ;)


2013-01-03 Important notice about sandbaggers

Unfortunately we've noticed that some of our members are not paying enough attention to their flights! The number of pilots who not fill their flightplan in correct way are increasing. Specially in the route and ETA and Fuel quantity.

In the other hand there are some pilots who start they flight and then leave their PC! We've seen some flights which were for example from Tehran to Mashhad at FL310 but after about 3 hours from airborne, the aircraft is in Kabul FIR or circling over Mashhad at its cruising level, FL310!!

IVAO has supervisors who check the traffics and even the controllers and if they recognize that the member is sandbagging (when online but not near PC and just increasing your time), they will suspend that member (click here to see the suspensions period table).

So, we kindly request all of our precious members, to pay attention to their IVAO experience and don't cheat themselves as most of the members are here to simulate as real as it gets!

We are aware of those controllers who just connect on non-busy airports just to gain time.

Thank you very much for your respect to others and sorry for inconvenience,


2012-12-30 IVAO Iran Tours have been extended

As you know, IVAO Iran has began some very special tours since its restart. Now at the end of 2012 we like to inform you that these tours have been extended for 3 more month. It means that if you couldn't finish our Mehrabad IFR, Shiraz IFR, Northern Iran VFR or ATC Tours, you can do so till March 2013. Wish you all happy Christian Year.

2012-12-29 IVAO Iran Academy [first announcement]

On behalf of Iran Division Webmaster, I would like to announce that we've established our great Persian academy which can help all of our great users in their IVAO career.

We are now translating all of the training materials and I hope we can publish the final release of the IVAO Iran Academy in the second half of February 2013.

IVAO Iran Academy address : (To use our academy after its completion you have to sign up there for free)

I like to thank Eric Olson (US-DIR) who allowed us to use and translate their division academy materials and their Training Department for this great job.


2012-12-17 [NOTAM] ATC new local rule

From now on it is highly MANDATORY to have voice when you are connecting as ATC in Tehran FIR. It means that all of the dear controllers HAVE to mainatain a channel on IVAO approved TeamSpeak2 servers and controlling by text only is not permitted.

2012-11-13 Software Development Team Announcement

Dear IVAO member,

The IVAO Software Development Team is constantly striving to release better and more stable products towards our users. Unfortunately we are sometimes dragging some legacy products and/or features with us which have their downside on our progress for future projects.

The following products will reach their end-of-life status by January 1, 2013:
- IvAe, The Eye (all versions).
- IvAc v1.1.12 and earlier.
- IvAp v1.4.0 and earlier.
- IvAp v1.9.6 and earlier.
- Legacy software products which rely on FSD protocol revision 9 (Squawkbox, ProController, …)

To ensure that you will be able to enjoy our IVAO network after January 1, 2013 we recommend:
- WebEye (replacing IvAe The Eye) -
- ATC: IvAc v1.2.0
- Pilots using FS2004/FS9: IvAp v1.5.0
- Pilots using FSX: IvAp v2.0.0
- Pilots using Prepar3D: IvAp v2.0.0
- Pilots using X-Plane 9/10: X-IvAp v0.2.1+

Please execute your upgrade paths as soon as possible, to resolve any issues in a timely fashion.

In the meantime we are working hard on providing our community with even more exciting applications.
More information is available on the IVAO Software Development Team Blog or via:


Kind regards,
The IVAO Software Development Team

2012-10-24 IR742 Event

IVAO Iran and Aseman Virtual Airlines want to introduce a grate event in the memory of IranAir flight No. 742, Moscow to Tehran which was landed safely without nose gear at Tehran, Mehrabad Intl. by Captain Hooshang Shahbazi.

More about IR742 flight

This event will be held at 17:00 UTC on 26th of October with participation of Capt. Shahbazi, First Officer Cheychahi and Engineer Shadgou.

Full ATC over Iran. All of dear pilots and controllers are more than welcome to join us in this event.


The real IR742 cockpit crew will be available at the Iran Aseman Virtual Airlines TeamSpeak3 channel from 17:00 UTC (20:30 Local) in order to talk about the emergency landing they had a year ago and everybody can ask questions from them.

Aseman VA TS3 server :

2012-10-16 ATC Event on the International Day of ATC

IVAO Iran will proudly present its ATC event on the International Day of Air Traffic Controlling on 20th Ocotber at 17:00 UTC (20:30 Local time). Most of the Iranian airports will be lit up on this event and will welcome all of the pilots from all over the world.

This event will be held in the memory of the Greatest Air Traffic Controller of Iran, the late Mr. Mohammad Ali Romina.

2012-10-13 Inviting all for controlling Iranian airspace

Hello all

I want to invite all person that have at least minimum ADC rating in IVAO for controlling Iranian airspace specially Tehran FIR OIIX
This is good chance for you to control a very big sector, OIIX, which covers full airspace of IRAN in one sector.
All members from Foreign countries and divisions are invited and we will give GCA (Guest Controller Approval) to you.
For more information check this :

Thank you
Warmest Regards

2012-10-05 Scenery Section

We want to proudly present you our scenery section which is equipped with many great scenery files which will provide you a better view to the Iranian beautiful terrain.

We want to thank all of the designers who made these great jobs. We appreciate their hard work to make it closer to real.

All of scenery designers are pleased to send our webmaster their scenery files information in order to add them to the list. Please send ICAO codea little descriptionphotoyour full name and a download link of your designed scenery to

2012-09-25 [NOTAM] IRAN Division 001.101

Dear Iranian Division IVAO members, as you know, we have reactivated our division and we have planned to make Iran Division one of the most active divisions on IVAO network. So, we have introduced some amazing tours that you can enjoy, and also there are many more on the way: North of Iran VFR tour, Mehrabad IFR tour,  Shiraz IFR tour,  ATC tour are now ready, Heli tour & South of Iran VFR tour are on the way.

Also from now on, we have online night every Friday from 14:30 UTC equal 19:00 to 22:00 Tehran Local Time with full ATC coverage. We will be more than happy if you participate in these special nights.

Our another amazing plan is to establish many training classes for pilots and controllers from 8 September. More information about these classes is available here. You can also download the PDF schedule by clicking here.

Any member who has PPL, CPL, AFI or ATPL license(s) or IR rating, can send their license scan to our Training Dep ( to be fast upgraded.

For those members which are active on VATSIM network, we have rating transfer option . More information about fast upgrading is available here.

Our Facebook page: IVAOIranDivision@facebook

I want to request all members to check our forum on IVAO for latest news :

Best Regards,

Amin Tomari | IR-DIR

( ,

2012-09-23 Signature Generator Available

Now we have our Signature Generator service available here under the community menu. You have to type your full name and choose your ATC and/or Pilot rating from the dropdown menu and click on the button to receive your signature. Once the signature is generated, you will have a bbCode for using the signature in forums.

New services are on the way!!!

2012-09-21 Website is now Available

I want to proudly announce that our new division website is available right now and you can enjoy our services by searching any corner of this new website.

It may have some problems in some pages and they will be solved as soon as possible. More services are on the way.

You can download latest charts and sector files in their appropriate section in Resources tab. We have a routefinder service now which can be found in the Resources center.

Also we have good information for new members which are available by the link on the main menu or the section provided in the right corner of the homepage.

Do not hesitate to tell me about the problems in the website by mailing me at or using this special topic in our forums which is created for this issue here.


Roozbeh Razavi | IR-WM